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a collaboration between and fraeye.

In a permanently evolving urban landscape, Co.Studio is the ideal partner for any project developer looking to push their property beyond its limitations and to its full potential. With an innovative approach, Co.Studio pushes the spatial and environmental assets of your property to their full potential, by reorganizing the available space into organically interwoven units. Co.Studio ensures that each unit is readily convertible to any number of future functions: work, residence or leisure.


The Fraeye company, was founded by Felix Fraeye in 1928 as a general carpenter and furniture company. His son Emmanuel joined the company in 1972, and transformed the company into a very successful kitchen specialist, with solid reputation in Belgium. From 2012, the entrepreneurial approach from his sons Bert and Pieter evolved the company even further towards furniture for the complete home. With this approach, Fraeye anticipates strongly on evolution of living habits of his clients. Based on craftsmanship, tradition and innovation, Fraeye moves even further into the creation of living spaces with very high degree of personalization for our clients. With a combined approach, esthetics and functionalities are constantly combined in his new products.


​In 2018, Fraeye established a strategic collaboration with Co.Studio, anticipating a global trend towards more compact living. 

This was the start of a brand new label: co.llection


Gert Van den Steen and Christian Van Suetendael


Pieter and Bert Fraeye

But out of limitations comes creativity.

- Debbie Allen

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