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cutting board.

A kitchen work board consisting of three parts: a cutting board, a knife block and a food-sharing element.

images cutting board

cutting board.

Made from high-quality solid eucalyptus wood, and made with nice edge grain design, this cutting board matches perfectly with the countertop of the cube. The design is finished with biological and antibacterial natural oil and is ideal for slicing and dicing.

knife block.

This knife block can hold a 3-piece knife set, and is made from solid eucalyptus wood. It has a non-slip bottom surface, to keep the blades safe and secure. Because of the thoughtful design of the element, you can easily take out the knives, and it also provides a nice way to keep the blades in sight.

food – sharing.

The food-sharing element is the third and final piece, and has an extra surface for food-sharing. It has a separate compartment, to fill with delicate olive oil, or freshly sliced herbs. Due to the continuous edge grain on this element, the cutting board and the knife block, the three elements are combined into a solid looking masterpiece.



Even the doors can be flexibly arranged using these magnetic shelves. The metal shelves can be slid onto the wooden shelves of the door as desired for storing, for example, crockery or food.

images shelf


The trolley integrates smoothly into the cube, and can also be used as a stand-alone trolley. When used with the Cube, it extends the space to cook and share. Moreover, it provides great flexibility to organize pots, pans and tableware. For optimal use, it is equipped with a two-zone induction hob.

images trolley
sink butler

sink butlers.

To make the workplace even more flexible, sink butlers can be placed in the shallow sink. They can present some snacks, freshly chopped vegetables, or simply filled with ice cubes to make an after work drink even better.

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