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Anticipating global trends towards more compact living, co.llection delivers iconic designs, with integration of modern living standards. For private kitchen, living space, and outdoor use.


Reshaping the office and conference room. We transform the experience of everyday life. With authentic materials, functionalities, and accessories, we create objects that make people interact.

The product range: cube, screen and storage is setup with latest production standards, and delivers a very high degree of personalization. 

passion for detail.

Co.llection is surpassing the logic of actual standard product solutions.

It provides answers for living and working where design and functionality are taken to the next level. In its product design, it combines a very high level of personalization for materials, functionalities and customization of details.  The details are no longer just details, they become fully adapted to the clients’ needs. 


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for residential, work and outdoor use.

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13_set up residential.jpg
19_set up outdoor.jpg
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