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The screen is a rotatable multimedia object. It has the latest state-of the art technology, with an integrated TV – screen, combined with class A sound absorption panels. The textile is fully customizable to integrate perfectly into its environment. The screen has the right proportions for aesthetic excellence, and offers a perfect solution for daily challenges in modern architecture.

The screen has a possible rotation of 360°, it can be viewed and experienced at all angles and transforms the user experience profoundly. Thanks to its high degree of customization, it can be used for both residential use, and professional environments. The textiles for the acoustic panels can be easily changed, even for a change in atmosphere. For professional use, the back-panel can be used as a whiteboard.

cube was made possible by the collaboration with kvadrat and sony


integration of soft cells for good acoustical value

logo sony

AF8 | OLED-tv met Dolby Vision en Acoustic Surface

Kvadrat soft cells
Kvadrat soft cells
Sony AF8 oled tv
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